tirsdag 25. august 2015


Jeg har falt for denne lekre kjolen fra byTiMo 2100,-
Nydelige farger og herlig fasong. Synes du den er litt kort? isåfall er den flott over et skjørt eller bukse - perfekt! :)

3 kommentarer:

ankaskakanka sa...

Hi. In this dress you look like teenager. Amazing.

josep-maria badia sa...

The dress is absolutely wonderful. The print is cute. The design, so simple, so basic, with beautiful pseudo pleated skirt is really lovely. Maybe it's a little short, slightly longer would be my ideal measure, but did not add anything, please, it's so beautiful. In addition your figure allows these licenses.

mumandme-trapitos sa...

A wonderful dress, some nice pictures and a fantastic blog!! We`ve already discover your blog by Josep María and really loved it!