onsdag 25. mars 2015

Dagens kjole

Dagens kjole er fra Dranella... ja det er kjole ikke bluse og skjørt :) Smart ikke sant:)?

2 kommentarer:

Pam @ over50feeling40 sa...

Excited to find your blog through Stylish Murmurs! This is a simple, chic look...love the print.

Lisa sa...

Hi, Ruth. I also found your blog through a post on Stylish Murmurs.
You are so pretty. I adore your hair and style. Would love for you to add the "translate" button available to blogspot blogs by going to "design" at top of page, then "layout" then "add a gadget". It is on that list. Just click to add and "save". I'd love to be able to have blog translated so that I could also read.